Roast My Job Application

Submit your Cover Letter and get demolished by Coda AI

Meet Ubel — the most sarcastic and unapologetic recruiter who’s just not having it with your bs job applications anymore

These days Ubel is working at Omnicorp Inc., a mysterious company hiring people for all sorts of positions. You can apply as , a , and even as a or a . You can even enter your own desired role and see whether they have anything for you.


We’ve just launched on Product Hunt! 😸

Roast My Job Application - Submit your Cover Letter and get demolished by Coda AI | Product Hunt

Don’t Hesitate — Apply to the Job of Your Dream Now! 👇


Is this real?

No, this is AI-generated, and Omnicorp is made up (any similarities with actual businesses or other works of fiction are a coincidence.)

Where does my data go?

It’s securely stored in our private Coda doc so that Coda AI can access it and compose you a rejection letter. Nobody has access to the doc but CodaTricks, and we’re not going to send you any more emails .
If you don’t like to keep your data with us, drop a line at and we’ll wipe it. Oh, and feel free to submit with a made-up name. We don’t care. It’s just for the reply.

What is Coda?

Glad you asked. If you know Notion, it’s similar to that but a lot more powerful. Check it out:

Oh, so this is like a template! Can I copy and remix it?


Why’d you even make something like this? 🥺

We participated in the , a hackathon organized by Coda. Part of the hackathon is the Biggest Splash prize — a chance to win some bonus $ if your project gets the most upvotes and likes. So Roast My Job Application is an attempt at that.
Actually we submitted four more projects with Coda AI:
and a normal, SFW whose mission is actually quite noble: to reduce candidate ghosting and send them personalized and respectful rejection letters.
But what fun is it to compete with a boring template? If you want it to go viral, you have to make something devilishly fun, something that taps into the absolute worst of the vile human nature, things that make us watch Hell’s Kitchen or tweet to Wendy’s and enjoy every part of it.

Awesome! How do I upvote?

Coda said they’ll be checking , , Instagram, , , , , HackerNews, , for engagement. Some of these links are already active, and some will be active by the end of the day. You know what to do 😉

What else have you got?

and everything else will follow.
• • •

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